Our members Professional day 2017 - Montral General Hospital Demonstration in June 2015 at MUHC Press conference of June 29, 2017 for the petition - one of our reps interview. Respiratory Therapists Demonstration in front of the Montreal General Hospital 2015 Lab coat walk demonstration 2015 Professional day 2017 - Lachine Hospital Manifestation of April 2015 Professional day 2017 - Glen Hospital Press conference of June 29, 2017 for the petition. Symbolic picketing Lachine November 2015 Symbolic picketing MGH November 2015 Professional day 2017 - Lachine Hospital Press conference of June 29, 2017 for the petition - our President Denyse Joseph's interview. Professional day 2017 - Montreal General Hospital Professional day 2017 - Glen Hospital

LATEST UPDATE: February 13, 2020

Assemblée générale spéciale

Mardi le 18 février 2020.







Salle A

D 03.6020


Jeanne Timmins

Ordre du jour:

  1. Adoption de l’ordre du jour
  2. Élections en 2ième tour : 1 Vice-présidente communication et mobilisation, 1 Vice-présidente inhalothérapeute/perfusionniste clinique, Comité de surveillance des finances (2 membres et 1 substitut), Comité d’élection (3 membres : 1 présidente d’élection, 2 scrutatrices, 1 substitut), Comité Jeunes (4 membres de 35 ans et moins et 1 substitut)
  3. Prévisions budgétaires 2020
  4. Varia

Special General Assembly

Tuesday, February 18, 2020







Salle A



Jeanne Timmins


  1. Adoption of the agenda
  2. 2nd round of elections: 1 Vice-president communication and mobilization, 1 Vice-president  respiratory therapist/clinical perfusionist, Finance review Committee (2 members and 1 substitute), Election Committee (3 members: 1 election president, 2 scrutinizers  and 1 substitute), Youth Committee  (4 members aged 35 and under and 1 substitute)
  3. Provisional budget 2020
  4. Varia

                                                                                                                Dîner offert / Lunch served



Every year, a number of you will moved. We would like to remind you that informing  your change of address to your employer as well as your union, is essential.

Also, a lot of people – who are moving or not – drop their home telephone line to keep their cellular as a unique line. This is also important to report.

Thanks to all! 



Did you know:

In order to protect the confidentiality of your medical information, you should never submit a medical certificate to your Manager nor to the Assistant Manager. All medical information is confidential and the Occupational, Health & Safety office will not divulge any such information to your Manager.

All medical certificates must be remitted to the Occupational, Health & Safety office and addressed to the person responsible of your site. To reach that person, dial 514 934-1934, extension 42385 and you will be directed to the person responsible.

However, you should notify your Manager if you are put off work by your physician. Mention also to her that you will communicate with the Occupational, Health & Safety office. This can be done via phone or email

For any information regarding a work accident or salary insurance file, please communicate with your local union office.

Your OH & S team





MUHC nurses petition with 14,000 signatures lands in Gaétan Barrette's lap 31 October 2017

 ----     MUHC nurses petition with 14,000 signatures lands in Gaétan Barrette's lap.   ----

Please, read the Montreal Gazette article of October 26, 2017. You will find it under "Documents" tab.

In the past five years, the MUHC budget has been cut of $120 million! 27 April 2017

We invite you to have a look on our letter dated April 24, 2017 addressed to the Ministre de la Santé et des Services sociaux, Monsieur Gaétan Barrette, as well as the article published in this morning Gazette. You will find them under “Documents’ tab.

Dropping the initial evaluation (pretest) by the CPNSSS Letter of Understanding No. 6 27 January 2017

For more info, please click on tab "Documents"

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